PrivacyControl collaborates with the main Companies, Professional Studies and Realities in the sector of Business and Organizational Consulting.

Thanks to these collaborations we are able to offer you professionalism, quality and insights more complete and detailed.

In this page you find the partners who help us daily to carry out our work by providing us with the support we need:

National Association of Public Administration Managers

The Anquap is a professional union association – established on 6 July 2001 – which operates mainly in the education sector and mostly collects the adhesions of the EMS Directors and the Administrative Assistants who work in the Schools with a permanent employment relationship and determined.

Step Engineering S.r.l. – Bologna

Step Engineering is an engineering company made up of professionals with proven experience. Step works in the construction sector, plant engineering and SAFETY AT WORK with a high specialization in the sector of Public Administration also covering the role of RSPP .

Step Engineering , moreover, is able to carry out construction and plant works using qualified partners guaranteeing the client a highly professional management of the service or product, starting from the design phase up to the delivery of the finished product .

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